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Water tasting

With water sommelier Pat Eckert

Would you like to immerse yourself in the world of exclusive waters? Would you like to get to know the taste of different waters? Our water tastings make this possible: Water sommelier Pat Eckert will introduce you to different waters, including their individual notes and properties, the colors of the water. You will receive interesting background information about the individual waters, their sources and their history. The selected waters were specially put together by Pat Eckert to offer you the maximum enjoyment experience. You can choose between different variants and waters. Book your water tasting now and taste the great waters of the earth!

We offer you various versions of our exclusive water tastings: We want to offer the right conditions for all water lovers. Below you will find out how the individual versions work, which waters you can expect and what the focus of each tasting is.

wasserverkostung wassertasting pat eckert fine liquids

version 1

Water tasting with us

If you decide to do a water tasting with us, you will be personally greeted by the certified water sommelier Pat Eckert in the Güterhalle in 74909 Meckesheim. He will introduce you to six exclusive waters: You will decide on the exact selection together on site so that Pat Eckert can match the waters to your personal taste. But before you start, you will receive extensive advice with interesting information on the subject of water. Afterwards, you will drink the waters together and taste the variety of our exclusive waters. With us, you will get to know the tastes of various international waters! You will also enjoy exclusive access to one of the most extensive water bottle collections in the world.

wasserverkostung wassertasting pat eckert fine liquids

Variant 2

Water tasting at your place

Would you like to have a water tasting at your location? That's no problem at all: Our water sommelier Pat Eckert will be happy to travel to you and present you with a balanced mix of waters on site. You will taste a total of eight different waters - the exact composition will be discussed before the tasting and can therefore be adapted to your preferences. During the tasting, Pat Eckert will provide you with knowledge about water, springs, flavors and much more. If you would like to try exclusive waters, then the water tasting from FINE LIQUIDS is a simple and exclusive option!

wasserverkostung wassertasting pat eckert fine liquids

Variant 3

Virtual water tasting

If you would like to get to know the unique taste of water, we also offer virtual water tastings. Together with our water sommelier Pat Eckert, you can taste the waters virtually via Google Meet. You can choose between different tastings: We offer ready-made packages that contain specially compiled waters. However, you can also book an individual tasting and choose the waters yourself. These will be sent to you in good time before the tasting and you will also receive a comprehensive preparation video. Secure an appointment now!

wasserverkostung wassertasting pat eckert fine liquids

Variant 4

Water tasting via YouTube

We give you the opportunity to conduct a water tasting via YouTube. You can start at any time and are therefore completely free to choose the time you want. To do this, you buy a tasting of your choice from us - we offer you various packages for tasting via YouTube, such as "intense & sparkling" or "still & rich". You simply choose one of these packages and we will send you the waters. You will also receive the link to the YouTube video and can start your tasting whenever you want. Does this solution appeal to you? Then choose one of our YouTube tastings now!

Your experienced & certified host

The special features of individual waters are often overlooked in everyday life. That's why your water tasting will be led by an experienced and certified host: Pat Eckert is a certified water sommelier and will use his expertise to guide you through your tasting. After years of his own studies and experience, he was trained in 2022 by the world's leading water sommeliers Martin Riese and Dr. Michael Mascha at the Fine Water Academy in the USA.

About water sommelier Pat Eckert

Internationally active in the areas of water distribution, consulting and tasting.

Water is so commonplace for all of us, so omnipresent, and at the same time so special, so intangible. Yet water in all its facets, like an excellent wine, can only unfold its full effect after careful selection.

At Fine Liquids, we carry a globally unique portfolio of great water brands and ship almost worldwide.

As a water sommelier, I advise the hotel and catering industry on the optimal water selection and accompanying water menus.

A water tasting is something truly extraordinary. Enjoy this experience in a small group or invite people to a suitable setting. We create an unforgettable setting combined with good entertainment.

I am an official partner of ORIGINAL SELTERS from Selters an der Lahn.

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