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Good day and a friendly hello everyone,

My name is Pat Eckert, owner of the new online shop FINE LIQUIDS.

From now on we will continue the premium water business of Wolfgang Lehmann.

Wein Lehmann & Co was founded in Mainz in 1987. Lehmann was one of the first in Germany to trade in gourmet and luxury water.

As usual, you can find his first-class selected wines on his website.

Exclusively in Germany

In addition to the current vintage special editions from evian, we also offer you the waters from FILLICO, GOTA, antipodes and AQUAGEN from Taiwan exclusively in Germany.

We are pleased to be able to present you with such a colorful and extensive selection.

evian limited edition

As an opening offer, we offer you the Limited Edition CHIARA FERRAGNI with a price reduction of 20% until mid-February 2019.

evian + Ines Longevial

You can purchase the evian special edition 2018 in a limited edition throughout Europe exclusively from us. Click here for the artistically designed bottle by the young painter Ines Longevial.

German luxury water

The scene is lively and fabulous things are happening on the German luxury market.

To start with, we offer you the fine water MINUS 181 from Mecklenburg, exclusively in German retail.

We will soon introduce you to another extraordinary brand, look forward to top class and German innovative spirit.

Your shop accounts from have NOT moved with you.

To order from us, it is advisable to create a new account in the shop.

If you are missing a certain water in our shop, let me know. I would be happy to research availability and delivery options for you.

Take care and stay healthy.

With best regards,

your Premium Partner, Pat Eckert

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