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24 Stunden Livestream auf twitch

24 hour live stream on twitch

Your personal invitation to our first 24-hour live stream for World Water Day.

That has never happened before.
We broadcast under the motto #cancelworldwaterday on March 22, 24 hours live on our twitch channel

We are aware that the title of the event alone caused controversy and irritation, but that's exactly what we wanted to do. Why?
Well, because we think it's all controversy.
Next year World Water Day will be 30 years old - and what have we already achieved?

Globally speaking, almost nothing. Point.

So we are doing our part to show this and to make it clear that things cannot simply go on like this. We can't just pretend this is a day to celebrate. It's a day when we must make it clear that we must step up our efforts if we are to give our children a livable planet.

Sorry, but it's not enough for us just to believe the 30-year-old lip service. It seems to me that we live in a world where too many just want to hand over the responsibility to the next shift at the end of the day.

It just can't go on like this, dear world. We do not (yet) lack water – we lack respect for the water available to us as a human family. And with that, there is basically a lack of respect for ourselves.

It is therefore our concern at this point to talk to people from all over the world about what you do and what is important to you.

Our program starts at exactly zero on March 22, German summer time. Look forward to an extraordinary program with us. We have guests for you from Australia, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Dubai, England, France, Japan, Slovenia, Austria and the United States.

Our guests include water sommeliers from all over the world, including the world's leading water sommeliers Martin Riese, Michael Mascha and Milin Patel, as well as representatives from Water Aid and none other than Micha Fritz, the founder of Viva con Agua.  

We will publish the exact program next Monday in our blog and on facebook.

See you.

Thank you very much. Pat Eckert.

More clips about World Water Day gradually on our channel.

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