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Dear friends of good taste,

again and again we have to get rid of one or the other in terms of delivery. Today I would like to point out the delivery details for the next few weeks quite early.

Due to the lockdowns and the effects of the pandemic, there have been and are sometimes significant problems in the supply chain. Due to this and the early start of the Christmas orders, this leads to the following aspects for us:

  1. The availability of some products is limited or no longer available until Christmas. We therefore recommend that you make your purchases from us now, just to make sure you are not faced with an empty digital shelf.
  2. We still do NOT ship daily and we are NOT Amazon Prime. So if you need something urgently, you must inevitably choose UPS Express and send us a short message informing us of your special situation. Then we can react. Our Fine Waters need time, that's the way it is.
  3. All of our shipping service providers are already overwhelmed and it is already happening to us that packages are not picked up from us or do not reach you in the usual time. Please take this into account when placing your orders.

To our UK customers:
We only ship to you with UPS. Why? Because UPS is currently the only shipper that delivers within a week in the UK. But they only come twice and you should be at home then, otherwise the package will be returned to us at your expense. Furthermore, you must realize that the tariffs you have been paying for our packages for almost a year now are on your Prime Minister Mr Johnson.


We strongly recommend ordering all exclusives as soon as possible. We recommend ordering and paying for everything you need up to 10 days before the event.

With this in mind, I would like to wish you a peaceful and happy pre-Christmas period, absolutely just in time!

Greetings from your water friend,

Pat Eckert

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