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good day everyone,

we haven't heard from us for a long time. There was a lot to do. Here is our little update for Pentecost 2019 for you:

  • After endless patience games with evian, the current limited edition of off white Virgil Abloh is finally available. This makes us the only retailer in the world to have the complete collection. There will soon be a strictly limited complete bundle for you.
  • We finally brought SVALBARDI to Germany and are therefore exclusive beyond the borders in Europe.
  • With NEVASWATER and PETROGLYPH 2 we have important representatives in the field of peak water to Stockholm FINE WATER SUMMIT 2019 and both were able to return with an important award, which makes us very happy.
  • We have put together a number of premium bundles, each of which has a significant price advantage compared to purchasing the items individually and, for the time being, also has a certain shipping cost advantage.

SVALBARDI exclusively in Germany

I've actually been looking forward to what is probably the most exclusive water in the world for months.

Finally we did it and actually brought the last bottles of the Dark Season to Germany. We don't have many bottles. After all, only 13000 bottles are filled per season.

We carry the standard version with the white label as well as the dark season labels, which are sold out worldwide.

These days we had a shopping cart containing 100 bottles of SVALBARDI. The order was not triggered because we don't have that many bottles in stock and our bottles are running low.

But I would like to emphasize here that we can procure and deliver ANY amount of ANY water. That's why we have now activated the function in the shop that you can order more than we have in stock. In the event of such an order, we will then contact you personally.

NEVASWATER make it big and small

When I drank the first sip of Nevas together with Mr. Steuer, the maker of NEVASWATER in Schifferstadt, I realized that I had something really special in my glass and in my mouth.

I then recommended that he go to Stockholm for this year's FINE WATER SUMMIT. This is one of the most important events in the fine water sector. The organizer is the Fine Water Society around the number 1 water sommelier Martin Riese from Los Angeles.

What can I say?

Nicholas Steuer returned with the gold medal in taste. We are extremely happy.

With this in mind, I wish you a healthy thirst!


With best regards,

your Premium Partner, Pat Eckert

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