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the fine liquids community

the fine liquids community

hello and good day,

I think it's about time the FINE LIQUIDS Community to introduce.
The community was founded on March 14th of this year, and thus more or less yielded to the experience of the pandemic to bring the virtual meetings, which were easily made possible by zoom, teams and so on, into public space.
Milin and I had already gained initial experience with this in advance. The local water tastings could no longer take place in person due to the local Corona requirements, which meant that they had shifted to virtual space. At first it seemed completely impossible, but then we saw how easy it is.

So we met for the first time World water day across all borders for the world's first virtual, cross-border watertasting live on met. The recording of the first broadcast is available here on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Due to the fact that evian is probably the best-known and most successful branded water of all, we decided to start with this brand, even if it is seen as controversial for one or the other - that's okay.

The permanent members of the FINE LIQUIDS community:

Pat Eckert , owner of FINE LIQUIDS and water lover, near Heidelberg, Germany
Milin Patel , FINE LIQUIDS UK, water technologist, consultant and water sommelier based in London, UK
Ruriko Suzuki , teacher and Japan's leading water sommelier in Tokyo, Japan
Justin Takashi Glascock , musician and water sommelier in Los Angeles, United States

Previous guests in our talks have included:

Jure Pirc by Cryptowater, Slovenia
company Aquaporin , Denmark
Marco Gaij from the Bled Water Festival, Slovenia
Candice van Rensburg , South Africa's premier water sommelier, South Africa
Duncan McFie from Cloud Juice , Tasmania
Benoit Szymanski from La Sasse , France

Brands discussed so far were also so far Vichy Catalan and Icelandic Glacial . The live stream almost always takes place on the last weekend of the month, but definitely once a month.
We set the main topic about a month beforehand, just like this month's topic of tap water (see video below). Next time it will probably be a brand again.
The topics are only loosely discussed beforehand, so that the actual meeting takes place quite freely. Milin and Pat mostly moderate in fluent English while Justin as representative of the states also has the job of translator to Japan, so we include Ruriko here as well. So we illuminate our topics at least in two languages ​​and that's pretty unique.

If you want to stay up to date, you should definitely follow us on Instagram or Facebook, where the dates will be announced in good time.

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