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Water Aid Tasting Session 2022

Water Aid Tasting Session 2022

On 31st January 2022 Fine-Liquids is hosting a special event with Water Aid UK and all the fabulous and dedicated participants in the Just Water 2022 Campaign.

The amazing dedication to starting the year this way and drinking nothing but water for 31 days is the ultimate detox while raising money to help others have access to clean water.

At the end of January, Fine-Liquids will celebrate the end of this challenge by offering a water tasting experience to all participants. We will show once again that water is not just water and together we will discover the unique minerals, taste, aroma, terroir and differences between tap water and naturally sourced water. This is supplemented by recommendations for food and wine dishes.

Additionally, we will have an open discussion about creating a mindful lifestyle; how we manage water in our environment and how this compares to 1 in 10 people around the world who do not have access to clean water.

Our goal is to capture the imagination and learn more about the journey of each Just Water attendee's relationship with water over the past 31 days.

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