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HALLSTEIN international Tasting

HALLSTEIN International Tasting

Watch our next live stream with our international water sommeliers and Hallstein on Sunday September 26th. live on twitch and Instagram.

I've mentioned it before, here and there.

The reason I run FINE LIQUIDS is because of a 15 year old desire of mine to find the best, healthiest and most unique water in the world.

I had given up on that long ago and had come to the following conclusions:

There is no best, but there are many very good and special and particularly outstanding waters - I have most of them in our shop because I appreciate them beyond measure and drink them myself. At some point I decided to test all possible filter systems and treatment systems for daily drinking. Today I have something great for me and my family here and I am basically extremely satisfied.

I will say the pressure to find the very best water has given way to the convenience of having access to the world's best water. And then suddenly there are 2 octagonal boxes in my warehouse and I have no idea why Hallstein was delivered. My partner in the UK arranged this, as I find out later.

Today I know that I always ignored Hallstein because of their dispensers - so I assumed they were a company that sells filter systems in hotels or restaurants. I hadn't even noticed that it was a spring water company.

Not knowing what my partner in the UK is up to, I agree to a ZOOM call and get to know Phillip Muhr. I had previously opened a bottle and, as a lover of slightly mineralized waters, was immediately and unspeakably impressed. No idea of ​​the story, no idea who Hr. Muhr is or what makes his water special, so I went to this call and heard the story of Hallstein for the first time, the ultimate best water on earth.

Well, it's easy to say in our marketing world and most water brands say the same thing about themselves, but this Phillip talked about his water in a way I'd never heard before. It was clear that this was someone speaking who had brought my own journey to an end in an inimitable and grandiose way, and with success.

After their research, the Muhr family knows about 300 properties that make water good water and they have tested and analyzed almost 3000 different waters and only their water, which they presented to the world after 16 years, was able to show the 8 most important properties without competition.

The best water in the world is therefore not magic, not an esoteric attempt at explanation, but factually real and demonstrably unique water, perfected by Mother Nature.

So be there when we meet Phillip Muhr from Hallstein and our three international water sommeliers in our monthly live stream on Sunday. We chat with Phillip for an hour and taste Hallstein in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Heidelberg, Salzburg and London at the same time. If that isn't superlative.

If 7 a.m. is a bit too early for you, you can watch the show on youtube a few days later.

With that in mind, cheers and to all of you!

Pat Eckert

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