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good day everyone,

One year ago today, my 44th birthday, I received a surprising phone call.

My then water expert for international and special waters, Mr. Lehmann called and asked about my current water requirements and in the course of the conversation he offered me - whoops - his water department for sale.

We didn't hesitate long.

The takeover took place promptly in September and our self-programmed and designed shop went online at the beginning of this year. If I remember correctly, we started with 18 waters, today there are a proud 30 from 16 countries, of which 7 are European and just 6 of our offered, all rather unusual gourmet waters are from Germany themselves.

We offer 12 of these top waters exclusively in Germany, some also exclusively in the whole of Europe. Our current bundle from evian is even unique worldwide and is only available 3 times from us.

With this in mind, I wish you wonderful sunny days and ask you:

Drink enough, especially in the heat you are quickly undersupplied with water. STAY THIRSTY...

With best regards,

your Premium Partner, Pat Eckert

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