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Hello friends of good taste.

We are pleased that the situation regarding Corona is easing significantly, at least in our latitudes, and that a return to a special normality is within reach.

We used the time and further expanded our networks. For the 2nd birthday of Fine Liquids, we met digitally with the world's best-known water sommeliers via zoom and chatted a little.

Treat yourself to a few minutes and watch our current interview with host Martin Riese and co-moderator Michael Mascha in the States on "A water with... Pat Eckert"

Also available as a podcast on podbean, spotify, apple podcasts, soundcloud and google podcasts.

Own channel on youtube

Speaking of which: Slowly but surely, our own channel on youtube is also starting up, also with interesting content. Watch stunning clips from our brands. Expect water tastings and brand launches in the near future. Here is our channel.

Now new in our shop:


Recently, healsi has finally become available in high-quality glass bottles. The healsi water comes from the most silica-rich source on our planet. Thanks to the high concentration of silicic acid, the premium water is very health-promoting and ensures general well-being.

Everything difficult

Corona, supply chains, complete failure

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to some brands for the time being or maybe for a longer time. Due to the still tense situation, the waters from Valser, Hildon, Pinar and GMQ are currently no longer available.

In this sense

The economic stimulus package from the German federal government caused us more trouble than expected and our shop system did the rest so that we were not able to offer any discounted prices.

With this in mind, we hope for your understanding, wish you good health and always a glass of good water on the table.

we'll get back to you

Sincerely yours, Pat Eckert

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