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And then researchers from Iran write to me. Great thing they have there. So I ask Arlian Waters. I am surprised that I get answer and we arrange a call. It is with great astonishment that I realize that Arian – one of the two founders of Arlian – also speaks german and that we are both very sympathetic.

It is, so to speak, standard in my business that I am offered samples, i.e. samples, to examine them. This time, however, I don't get this offer... Because of the embargo as Arian explains to me, he cannot send anything to us.

That makes me think. All the consequences that result from this.

However, I find the whole thing very worth thinking about and so we arrange an interview without having his water on the table. We have the video as a recording for you here on youtube.

Note from me:

I commented on the attacks on September 11 and the circumstances at the airport in Kabul, which I did not address were the circumstances why Iran is under the embargo, but the circumstances here are hardly better. Nevertheless, hardly suitable for a water videocast that shows that water knows no borders.


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