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I'd love to get rid of a few words about the current TOP 10 Netflix series "Around the World with Zac Efron".

I think it's the second episode in which our esteemed colleague Martin Riese at the Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood L.A. with celebs Zac Efron and Darin Olien hosts an extravagant water tasting in front of a running camera.

The spin has been around for a while, as you can see from some of the label of premium water. But the quality and quality is the same today and so now a million people around the world see that water is more than just water. We are pleased about that.

It also shows how Paris supplies its population with the best water. All in all, from our point of view, a very successful broadcast.

I would like to comment briefly on the following aspects:

1. Availability and distribution channels of premium water.
2. Short statements on the individual presented premium water brands.

1. Since its first broadcast, we have had an incredible number of hits and requests from the United States of America. We would like to supply this market. However, America has 2 hurdles for us: the really high shipping costs from 60€ per shipment and the long shipping duration of up to 3 months. The authorities in America are very critical of food imports.

We therefore recommend that American consumers buy the water brands they are looking for from our partner Ashley Epperson in Washington D.C.:

2. Each water tasting serves a specific purpose and is customer-oriented or pursues a specific purpose. In the tasting with Zac Efron it was obviously about showing what an enormous range of water has, or can have:

Aqui - Live (THREE BAYS, new brand name from 2020)
This water is highly mineralized yet incredibly light and soft. One can say who once drank this water in its silent version knows what it means that water can taste special. It is excellent and simply fabulous.

We are currently in contact with Olaf Lyche and are organizing the water for the European market. We expect from mid-September, then AQUI-LIVE, or THREE BAYS as it will be called will be available here.

HILDON Royal Water
HILDON has a fine-pearl note that was probably decisive for the English royal family to make this water a house brand. Bubbles like in a champagne. We have had this water in the standard program for years. Unfortunately, HILDON withdrew from the German market at the beginning of the year, at the same time as the beginning of the Corona crisis and for Brexit reasons, so that the brand is no longer linked to the DPG deposit system. In 2021, we will continue discussions with HILDON . Until then, we sell the water in the warehouse and then there are English labels. Of course, the water itself doesn't care. :-)

"Like Alka Seltzer in a bottle" We have VCH exclusively in Germany. As can be seen in the product description, this water is really a force and definitely not everyday water and definitely not everyone's taste. Like most of our waters, it is something very special.

This Slovenian water is so exclusive that even for us it is difficult to get it. But it's our turn and we're doing everything we can to get that water. With a TDS of over 7000, this is one of the most extraordinary and definitely the most magnesium-rich water on the planet.

Also in the picture is FIJI and SVALBARDI, both island waters, one of a tropical volcanic island, the other of Spitsbergen. Here alone we can see in which categories we are moving here, because these sources cannot lie further apart.

Both waters are also available in our shop. SVALBARDI also exclusively in Germany.

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