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welcome to life ...
Probably the best known noble water has been the young brand bling H2O since 2005.
It is a unique design water like the Rolls-Royce Phantom of All Waters.
The shape of the bottles is reminiscent of elegant wine bottles, the visual design of the best champagnes. But not only the design with ever different colors and original Swarovski crystals is pure luxury, also the water itself: exclusively American Tennessee spring water near Knoxville and Nashville on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

It rises in the heart of the jungle at a temperature of 14.5 ° C and is bottled directly at the source, with no fewer than nine filters before it makes its way into the upper class, upscale gastronomy and hotel business in the noble bottle. There are now umpteen different bottle designs from bling H2O, mostly in limited editions, but always eye-catching, extravagant, exorbitant and incredibly present.

Mister Boyd:
bling H2O. An inspiration from Kevin G. Boyd, Hollywood writer and producer. At some point Boyd realized that there was a giant slumbering in the subject that he should be one of the first to wake up. Boyd, who wanted to create an independent water brand for a certain elite, combined high quality design with incomparable taste.

He developed bling H2O to give the wearer, owner and consumer an attitude, attitude, message. The aim was to offer a product with an exquisite touch, with which one would like to identify, with which one would like to show oneself and be seen. bling H2O has been strategically positioned from the outset to @0M0J0 consumer market in the US.

Water began its triumphant advance because it was drunk exclusively by stars and starlets in Hollywood and Manhattan for a long time. Well-known blingH2o consumers include Jamie Foxx, Ray Lewis, Gabrielle Union, Paris Hilton and a few more. bling H2O is in the truest sense of the word pure pop culture in bottles. The brand has penetrated into the innermost circles, such as the MTV Video Music Awards and The Emmy's.

The water:
The source is in the Smoky Mountains in Dandridge, Tennessee at a depth of 800 meters. The water is micro-filtered nine times, subjected to an ozone treatment and irradiated with ultraviolet rays before it is filled into handmade glass bottles with real Swarovski crystals and closed with a natural cork. With a pH value of 7.7 slightly basic and a dry residue of just 68 mg / l pleasantly light with a fine, sweet note.

The bottle design won the 2006 Clear Choice Award for "Best Glass Packaging".

In addition to being voted "purest water", the luxury water received the "Gold Medal of Excellence" at the Berkeley International Water Tasting Award.

bling on the drinks @9D8A9 in some @9D8A9 hotels in Europe.
The extravagant thirst quencher has long been in vogue in the United States: bling is served at MTV parties and Emmy awards and has also appeared as a status symbol in various music videos.

Our American colleagues at say:
“Sometimes it's not just about the water, but also about the ambience, the atmosphere, the representation and presentation. Sometimes water is like wine, but sometimes in a club or in special situations it can be like champagne. bling H2O is the original and often copied luxury representation of water. "

Interestingly, the consumption of high-priced brands and products is referred to as the “ bling ” effect, which is preferred by celebrities and the wealthy precisely because they are so expensive. The higher the price, the more attractive because the brand is more exclusive. It is even believed that demand for these brands would decline significantly if the price fell.

FILLICO , this water is similar to @2X6B9 the controversy in itself, it polarizes, provokes and divides people. Probably it wasn't to be expected otherwise with this story. The fact is that in Europe, too, water is very much in demand, but hardly available. The small contingents shipped to Europe are always sold out quickly and demand remains.
Most shops in Europe are almost always sold out.

Best before collector's item:
We offer you a best before stock of a few bottles with a 50% discount. The bottles are also wonderful as decoration, whether in the bar at home or in the premium area.

New goods are already on their way. We are happy to take pre-orders at any time.

375ml still Limited Edition

TDS 68 mg / l
ph factor 7.7
hardness 71 mg / l
nitrate 1 mg / l
calcium 22 mg / l
magnesium 4 mg / l
sodium 1 mg / l
potassium 1 mg / l
Silica 1 mg / l
bicarbonate 12 mg / l
sulfate 8 mg / l
chloride 1 mg / l

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