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VEEN. Mother of water.

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VEEN . Mother of water

“ Veen ” comes from the pristine and untouched nature of Finland in Lapland, more precisely from the area of the village Tengelio, not far from the city of Rovaniemi, the home of Santa Claus.

A couple of friends founded the company in 2006, and since then there has been an almost unbelievable rise to become one of the most expensive and popular spring waters in the world. “ Veen ” is only available in selected restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs, for example in Dubai, Moscow, New Delhi, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Mumbai, Beijing, Paris, London, Frankfurt or Portschach on the Austrian Wörthersee .

The history:

Framed by northernmost wilderness.
Finns don't talk much. But when it does, it comes to fruition. A conversation between friends led to the birth of VEEN in December 2006 and the pursuit of perfection continues to this day.

It's not just about water, it's about life. VEEN looks for the special, develops it and finds its niche worldwide.

The name VEEN is derived from the Finnish epic Kalevala, from Veen Emonen, the mother of water and an ancestral deity of Finland. The goddess is worshiped by sailors and fishermen. The name celebrates more than Veen emons, it also indicates the pure environment in the heart of which the sources of VEEN found and the water extracted.

Veen was born of desire and passion and is considered to be one of the purest waters on the planet.

Passion makes us smile and that is a quality that should not be underestimated.

The water:

Untouched and extremely low in minerals.

Water enthusiasts around the world know that the best tasting waters come from protected, free flowing, artesian springs. It's only natural that VEEN into that category. The source lies hidden from the world in the remoteness of Finnish Lapland. The water is filtered through an ice age to the natural headwaters of Konisaajo in the arctic wilderness of Lapland. The headwaters are near a small village called Tengelio between two hills. With only two people per km², the place is practically considered a wilderness. The hills are mainly layers of sand and gravel, which were formed after the Weichsalian Glacier during the early formation of the Baltic Sea.

The virginity of VEEN 's Spring Waters has been rated as superior. This means that the water is not contaminated with 0 mg per liter of nitrate. However, it is the unusual smoothness that VEEN the @3A7S8 spring water of Lapland apart from the rest and absolutely sets it apart. The smooth pliability is a property that remains surprising with every sip. It comes from VEEN's extremely low mineral content, or TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), which is 17.22 here - truly exceptional on a global scale.

VEEN fills its continuously 3-4 ° C cold spring water Velvet and Effervescent at the spring in Lapland. The other source is in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.


Made for pairing.

The extremely low mineral content in Velvet and Effervescent makes VEEN a favorite of wine connoisseurs, whiskey experts and the most famous chefs and restaurateurs.

The suppleness of the water cleans your palate neutrally without adding minerals. This allows you to spot even the most subtle of tastes and aromas.

Goes perfectly with the wine, is a favorite of many renowned wineries and international sommeliers. Particularly suitable with red wine so that it can be consumed at room temperature.


Both the water and the design of the bottle have received numerous awards and recognition:

  • The Best Bottle in Glass Award at the worldwide bottledwaterworld awards 2007
  • The Good Design Award
  • Nominated for the 2009 design prize, the "Prize of Prizes"
  • VEEN Velvet won bronze at the International Fine Water Tasting Competition, Guangzhou, China 2016
  • VEEN Velvet won gold at the Gourmet Waters International Contest, Paris, France 2017
  • VEEN Effervescent won gold at the Gourmet Waters International Contest, Paris, France 2017
  • VEEN won gold for design at the Gourmet Waters International Contest, Paris, France 2017
  • The first VEEN bottle is in the collection of the Helsinki Design Museum

VEEN can be found in some of the most exclusive spas, gyms, cafes, hotels, bars, nightclubs and retail stores around the world.


Inspired by the GNH (Gross National Happiness) index of the Kingdom of Bhutan, VEEN Waters has launched an initiative to spread smiles. We donate one percent of the revenue generated with the sale of every bottle of VEEN to One For Happiness.

660ml still

TDS 17.22 mg / l
ph factor 6.6
hardness 8.68 mg / l
nitrate 0.15 mg / l
calcium 2.4 mg / l
magnesium 0.67 mg / l
sodium 1.9 mg / l
potassium 0.69 mg / l
Silica 11 mg / l
manganese 0.001mg / l
sulfate 3.9 mg / l
chloride 0.7 mg / l

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