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ABATILLES The Grand Cru insider tip of the Vinexpo

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ABATILLES The Grand Cru insider tip from Vinexpo

The history:
In 1923, while searching for oil in the ABATILLES region, engineer Louis Le Marié @6Q9M0 across water, which the French Academy of Medicine and the state itself officially confirmed two years later, after which the ABATILLES Spa Company was founded.

Since then, 70,000 liters of spring water have been gushing every hour and are shot 8 meters into the air. This makes this source one of the top ten in France. This pressure makes it possible to feed the water directly into the bottling plant and preserve the natural properties.
Because of its Breton origin, the engineer named his spring after the patron saint of Brittany "Sainte-Anne".

The source:
The ABATILLES source is located in the southwest of France in the Bordeaux area near the Arcachon Bay, surrounded by beautiful landscapes with the sea, pine forest, miles of sandy beaches, oyster beds and the highest dunes in Europe. Its natural mineral water has been pumped from a depth of 472m for almost a century.
Arcachon is cut off from the industrial life of the world. The source at the mouth of the Garonne and Gironde is located behind large agricultural areas. This water is also used by the vines of the most highly decorated wines in the world today, those of the Châteaux des Bordelais, which have been classified for centuries.

The geographic location, the depth of the aquifer, and the many geological layers of sand, limestone and clay that the water flows through naturally filter out any excess. ABATILLES therefore has a very low dry residue of 354 mg / l (TDS, @5Q3H7 dissolved substances) and thus its unique properties and exquisite taste.

ABATILLES with its natural qualities and purity is not subjected to any treatment or processing prior to bottling.

ABATILLES means something special and lasting for the people of the Gironde region. It is the premium water from the Arcachon basin with its open spaces and fresh air. It tastes of well-being, purity and health.

The water:
Light and naturally pure. ABATILLES is due to its protected environment and the depth of the aquifer, which is unique in France, one of the few French bodies of water that has absolutely low levels of salt and zero nitrate content.
ABATILLES overall appearance makes it an excellent choice for wine and food @7U1L4 . The quiet and sparkling version in the large Bordeaux wine bottle are designed for the gourmet table, attract attention and are a big favorite in restaurants and for special occasions.

Which water can go better with a Bordeaux than this one? Soft and neutral, or exquisitely pearly, it improves the taste of your dishes and wines. It's a favorite with wine connoisseurs and food lovers alike. All Bordeaux travelers love it with wine, on the beach of the Biscay, in Arcachon - the St. Tropez of the French Atlantic.

ABATILLES is available in many top French hotels and restaurants today.

The awards:

Several times in a row, ABATILLES became the official water of "Vinexpo" and thus achieved international recognition.
At the "taste awards" of the international " FINE WATER SOCIETY " the luxury water was awarded bronze in 2017 and 2018 in Guangzhou.

In just a few years, premium water has established itself as an indispensable part of gastronomic cuisine.

ABATILLES has an identity that is closely linked to its region and is defined by the relationship with the people. This philosophy is also expressed in the guidelines for the procurement of raw materials and the distribution of the products. ABATILLES tries to reduce the C02 generated by the transport @3B4S3 .

Best before:
This product has exceeded its best-before date. Experience has shown that bottled water does not get old or bad as long as it is closed. We have gained enough experience and tasted a large number of "dilapidated" waters. At most in the case of carbonated waters, it can occasionally happen that the content drops a little after months and years. But we cannot really confirm that either. Nevertheless, we sell the water with the information that according to the law it is no longer suitable for consumption and that we no longer advise you to consume it.
Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to purchase a bottle of luxury water at a greatly reduced price. For decoration or collection purposes, for example, because such a bottle looks damn good in every house bar.

750ml natural

TDS 354 mg / l
ph factor 8.2
hardness 84 mg / l
nitrate <1 mg / l
calcium 19 mg / l
magnesium 9 mg / l
sodium 100 mg / l
potassium 4 mg / l
Silica 00 mg / l
bicarbonate 127 mg / l
sulfate 8 mg / l
chloride 137 mg / l

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