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ACQUA MORELLI | sparkling

The source:
The ground around the spring is covered with beech trees and there is no risk of environmental pollution. This natural origin is a guarantee for the particularly pure quality of ACQUA MORELLI .

The “Alpi Marittime” in the Liguria region represent the original, untouched Italy. The Bauda spring is located in a natural beech forest near the mountain formations of Ollano. The ACQUA MORELLI obtained here needs a good 75 years before it bubbles through the numerous layers of rock to the daylight. Only 1,000 meters above sea level does the unique character of the premium mineral water reveal itself - original, fresh and of a very special purity.

The water:
The very low mineral content of only 39.9 mg / l gives ACQUA MORELLI an extremely soft and pure taste, which @4T3Q3 well with the best dishes, selected wines, coffee or cocktail creations.

ACQUA MORELLI is the mountain water from the Italian "Alpi Marittime", which is characterized by its particularly low mineral content. The spring, which has been developed since the 18th century, is located in the middle of a picturesque beech forest at a height of over 1,000 meters. Nature is almost untouched here and is completely free from agricultural areas or other environmental influences. Up to this idyllic origin, the mineral water has passed numerous layers of rock on a 75-year journey and was naturally filtered.

The very low mineral content of only 39.9 mg / l gives ACQUA MORELLI an extremely soft and pure taste, which @8L3M5 well with the best dishes, selected wines, coffee or cocktail creations. The noticeably low mineralization becomes particularly clear in comparison with other mineral waters that contain up to 1000 mg / l and more. Thus ACQUA MORELLI enjoys a pure unique selling point and also convinces in the silent version, which is enjoying increasing popularity.

The taste:
ACQUA MORELLI offers with minimal mineralization and a very balanced taste exactly what you would expect from an exclusive mineral water.

In addition, the connoisseur attests the excellent quality of ACQUA MORELLI an appetizing effect.

As a premium mineral water, ACQUA MORELLI offers incomparable purity and exceptional freshness thanks to the natural filtration process. This exclusive taste experience is appreciated by true water connoisseurs - and there are more and more of them - around the globe.

“The more neutral the water tastes, the better it accompanies the wine, as it gives it its specific components and aromas. If acids or bases dominate too much, they change the way we perceive the wine. "

Markus Del Monego, Master of Wine and sommelier world champion in 1998

Source: ZEIT ONLINE July 23, 2003

ACQUA MORELLI well with longer evening @4S0K8 thanks to its minimal mineralization. It refreshes and sensitizes between courses without affecting the taste of the food. With ACQUA MORELLI , every ambitious kitchen has a premium mineral water on offer that exceeds even high standards.

A good half of all coffee ACQUA MORELLI value excellent mineral water such as @0R5B1 with their coffee @0R5B1 . There are very plausible reasons for this. The mineral water gently opens the taste buds in advance and prepares the taste sensation optimally for the subsequent coffee enjoyment.

“A glass of mineral water is essential for perfect coffee enjoyment. The mineral water should be tasted before and with the coffee. Not after that. This is the only way to develop the diverse aromatic taste and to remain intact beyond enjoyment. "

Andre´ Voigt, coffee sommelier liloucoffee

The noticeably soft taste that characterizes ACQUA MORELLI soothes and relaxes the taste receptors. So you can enjoy very different creations during a lively evening. And thanks to the premium mineral water ACQUA MORELLI , all taste @3J4Q3 retain their own personality - without being watered down or changed.


ACQUA MORELLI wins Red Dot Award 2014.
The “royal” glass bottle of the premium water ACQUA MORELLI receives the coveted Red Dot Design Award in the Communication Design category.


750ml sparkling

TDS 39.9 mg / l
ph factor 7.2
nitrate 2 mg / l
calcium 5.0 mg / l
magnesium 0.94 mg / l
sodium 3.9 mg / l
potassium 0.7 mg / l
Silica 10.3 mg / l
bicarbonate 17.5 mg / l
sulfate 4.6 mg / l
chloride 2.6 mg / l

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