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The only NEVASWATER deluxe package

Get the last Magnum deklart Nevas Design bottle, a Magnum bottle, the 750ml standard bottle and two of the small 330ml vials in the deluxe package.
Save with this only once available offer whole 15% for single purchase! 

NEVAS Water combines the water of two natural springs and thus the best of mineralization and taste.

As the first cuvée in the water segment, mixed with fine sparkling carbon dioxide, NEVAS Water not only convinces with its unmistakable taste, but also with the highest quality.

NEVAS Water offers an unforgettable sparkling drinking experience with its unique sparkling carbon dioxide.

Both artesian mineral wells are several hundred years old and give the water through their special rock layers a uniquely high content of natural calcium (> 62 mg / 100ml).

Nevas Water Cuvée is the first premium bottled water of German origin, which pervades its pearly texture like a champagne - with popping cork and an extraordinary design it turns every table set into a festive table. 

Carbonated carbonated water. Contains natural calcium.

On our recommendation, Nicholas Steuer, founder and maker of Nevaswater, went to Stockholm for the Fine Water Summit 2019 of the Fine Water Society in April.
This unique water won the nomination as a matter of course, then the gold medal in the category "Taste" CURATED WATER. Completely correct.

From 60 countries occurred on 23./24. April 2019 in Stockholm water producers to the BUTTON & DESIGN AWARDS in the ring. The five other participants from Germany besides NEVASWATER were all the well-known market leaders.

How to experience pure enjoyment with NEVAS Water Cuvée:

  • The optimal consumption temperature is 8-10 ° C.
  • Use a bulbous glass.
  • Slowly pour NEVAS Water Cuvée over the glass rim into the glass.
  • Swirl the glass two to three times and watch as the fine sparkling carbonic acid collects on the surface.
  • Wait 10-15 seconds, and enjoy the first sip of NEVAS - a true experience for the palate.

Product from Germany.

2x 330ml sparkling
1x 750ml sparkling
1x 1500ml sparkling
1x 1500ml sparkling deklart Design Edition


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