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GOTA - The number 1 premium mineral water brand from Argentina. Based on principles of sustainable development and individualization. Specializes in creations of artistic and custom editions for luxury hotels and gourmet shops.

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GOTA - Argentinia de luxe

GOTA is a worldwide unique water due to its special mineral composition.
Recyclable glass bottle, satined and artistically decorated with organic ink. We offer you this water exclusively and limited in Germany.

GOTA tastes surprising and outstandingly @1K2A2 .
The first impression is olfactory and with the first sip it is forest, moss and wood. Then an incredibly soft softness spreads in the mouth. It is almost as if the velvet wants to wet your entire mouth
GOTA is unique. No water to eat, rather all by itself, like a rum. Brilliant. Precious.

GOTA's renewable underground spring is located in Argentina's Mesopotamia, the region of the Iguazú Falls.
The Guarani Aquifer is located below Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and is truly one of the largest aquifer systems in the world. It was named after the indigenous Guarani tribe and contains a stable 37,000 km³ of water. This is probably the largest body of groundwater in the world. You have to let that melt in your mouth first ...

The amount of precipitation on site amounts to around 166 km³ per year.
The aquifer consists mainly of sedimented sandstones that were deposited over 200 million years ago, and almost the entire area is covered with low-permeability basalt, which gives the water an extraordinarily high level of protection.
Bottled at the source and extracted from a depth of 80m under the highest safety and quality standards, neither additives are added to this water, nor are subsequent processes expected.

The source promotes premium quality natural mineral water, officially registered and approved by health institutions in the USA, the EU, South America and Asia.

Every drop counts. Only 100% recyclable materials are used. In addition, GOTA supports schools @1L4F7 country to gain access to clean water in Argentina.

GOTA has shown a high level of individualization @3C4L2 with its frosted glass @3C4L2 in recent years. There are special bottle editions for some luxury establishments around the world.

GOTA doesn't just leave any kind of aftertaste after drinking. It is more like a feeling that the mouth, palate and throat are in an inexpressible harmony. It may sound extremely cheesy, but it is an overwhelming experience.

One of our absolute TOP favorites. It's actually unbelievable that this water is not even close to being represented on the German market. When you take off the pallet, we can also deliver the bottles to you in individual designs.
If you want to GOTA , as Porsche, Audi and Daimler have already done, then simply contact our internationally awarded graphics studio

1000ml still

TDS 350 mg / l
ph factor 7.2
hardness 210 mg / l
nitrate 2.9 mg / l
calcium 60 mg / l
magnesium 34 mg / l
sodium 45 mg / l
potassium 7 mg / l
Silica 10 mg / l
bicarbonate 22 mg / l
sulfate 13 mg / l
chloride 15 mg / l

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