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FILLICO The Jewelery Water from Japan

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FILLICO Jewelery Water - Excellence of Ultimate Luxury

FILLICO was founded in 2005 with a vision that the world's most precious natural resource - water - should be cherished and loved, embedded in a masterpiece of craftsmanship and prestige. Not just any water, of course, but the finest mineral water in the world, bottled with perfection, elegance, grace and style.

FILLICO produces one of the most expensive luxury brands of mineral water in the world and is famous for its extraordinary bottles adorned with precious stones, which cost between 150 and 400 euros in Europe.

The bottles are real masterpieces, based on satined glass with gold inlay and the famous Swarovski crystals. There are only limited editions that are renewed regularly.

The water comes from Kobe in Japan. It springs from a famous spring known to the Japanese to be pure and natural. They use this spring water to make one of their best sakes.

Because the water bottles are handcrafted, production is limited to 5,000 bottles per month.

The water comes from the highly regarded Nunobiki spring in Kobe, in the Rokkou National Park in Japan and is protected from any industrial or agricultural development.

The water is also used by a sake producer in Kobe.

The history:

Founded in 2005, the original crown caps for all FILLICO water bottles were developed just one year later. Christian Dior introduced FILLICO Jewelry Water to his VIP customers soon after.

In 2008 FILLICO co-sponsored the 61st Cannes Film Festival

Numerous new and limited editions have appeared and the upscale luxury jewelry water is loved and appreciated by VIPs and royal families around the world.

Filico Jewelry Water was awarded first place in 2017 by the New York Insider Monkey in the "World of Mineral Water Brand 2017".

The water is preferably served at royal receptions and other glamorous events. It also accompanied the Japanese emperor to Milan last December.

The water:

FILLICO Japan offers one of the best natural mineral waters in the world, from a well deep under the Rokko Mountains in Kobe Japan, in the most elegant packaging in the premium water range.

One of the greatest resources in the world is also one of the most valuable. Japan is blessed with clean and mineral-rich water due to its rough soil and distinct seasonal climate. The water from the region around Fillico's spring is also used to produce the best and highest quality sake rice wines in Japan.

Due to the granite-sandstone layer of the Rokko mountain, the water has been on its natural path for twenty years.

As a natural antioxidant, it supports the heart and body in a wonderful way every day and remains stable and clear in taste regardless of the water temperature. Medium-hard, easy-to-drink water, whose beauty and body radiate deliciously from within.

A real blessing for the very special moments in life. It is an extraordinary mineral water, which is essential for lived hospitality and unconventional gifts.

The philosophy:

A decorative water for "inspiration" and "vision"

The premium brand wants to give material and perpetual natural resources a new, tangible and contemporary value that gives people the wonder and joy of this process. FILLICO celebrates the essence of nature for the divine splendor that it bestows, and pays homage to it with real treasures in order to be able to return respect and gratitude.

This extraordinary, exotic product is aimed at people who are always looking for something new and exciting: FILLICO Jewelry Water is brilliantly sexy and luxurious.

At FILLICO Japan we continuously strive to produce very exclusive, original and personalized designs.

The version:

FILLICO Black King Cap with Metal Angel Wing Set

" FILLICO Elegant Black" is a luxurious, glossy, matt black bottle with a black cap and black Swarovski crystals. The total of 57 crystals are elegantly combined with outstanding craftsmanship. The frosted bottle is cool and unique.

The bottle shape was created with the fairytale suggestion of a slim and elegant female body. Modeled on the roofs of the Italian town of Alberobello.

In addition, each FILLICO bottle is adorned with a crown, which symbolizes the highest position of authority and stands for "success", "beauty" and "fame". The bottles with decorated crowns are accordingly more prestigious and are best suited as a premium gift.

King Cap

The imperial crown of the Holy Roman Emperor "Federico II" in the first half of the 13th century, according to models from the Italian province of Apulia. A total of 30 Swarovski crystals decorate the crown, including large pearls that sparkle in the center. Timeless design that lives history. A crown that should give strength and lead to success and happiness - a popular motif in Feng Shui.

Angel Wing

Angel wings with a three-dimensional and heavy feel, embedded Swarovski crystals radiate a magical glow. The motif of feathers and wings symbolizes the achievement of happiness and the ability to make things happen. It is a perfect motif as a gift for everyone who dares to start over.

The bottle is 360 mm high and has a diameter of 95 mm, all metal parts are made of an alloy of 70% zinc and 30% tin, the surfaces are silver-plated without nickel.

The exclusivity:

We at FINE LIQUIDS are currently pleased to be able to offer you this premium brand exclusively in Germany. If you want specific bottles or editions, please contact us.

Here is an article initiated by us by Andreas Conrad in the magazine of the Front Row Society with bottles that we have made available for this purpose. Go to Article

720ml still

TDS 13 mg / l
ph factor 6.7
hardness 113 mg / l
nitrate 0 mg / l
calcium 3.33 mg / l
magnesium 0.73 mg / l
sodium 2.7 mg / l
potassium 0.08 mg / l
Silica 3.2 mg / l
bicarbonate 0 mg / l
sulfate 2.5 mg / l
chloride 0 mg / l

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