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VCH | VICHY CATALAN, the classic from Barcelona

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The only real agua con gas

The mineral water from VICHY CATALAN is probably one of the best-known and oldest brands in Spain. The natural and refreshing taste is unmistakable and it is widely considered to be the best mineral water in Spain. The gourmet water is characterized by a unique, slightly salty taste. This is due to the natural mineral content, which makes this water not only tasty but also digestive. It is relatively highly carbonated.

The history:

Dr. In 1881 Roca checked the mineral-medicinal properties of the water, which arises from one of the many thermal springs in Caldes de Malavella, Girona. The brand VICHY CATALAN is registered as @4L6A1 as 1890 and the water is bottled. In 1891 the foundation stone of the Catalan spa town of Vichy is laid.

In 1994, among other things, the successful Aguas de Mondariz brand was acquired

The water arises spontaneously from the spring with its own gas at a temperature of 60 ºC. Since Dr. Modest Furest i Roca discovered the healthy properties of this water in 1881, the VCH and Vichy Barcelona brands have been recognized year after year as the best carbonated mineral water in the world.

The water:

We owe this deliciously fine pearly water to a 60 degree hot Roman thermal spring north of Barcelona. Water and gases from the springs are collected separately and the gas is added back to the bottles in a metered manner.

VICHY CATALAN has unique organoleptic properties, exceptional taste and health benefits.

A huge range of minerals and an extremely high amount of hydrogen carbonate with 2081mg, that pleases the stomach. The fact is that this bottled water is one of the most mineral-rich waters on the planet.

The Vichy thermal springs are sodium hydrogen carbonate water and contain large amounts of calcium and important trace elements. It is alkaline water. When you drink it, the water reacts with the hydrochloric acid in the stomach and thus works against heartburn.


The design is somewhere between vintage, cool and dusty, and the design of the bottles is based on Gaudi's mosaics. The bottle is definitely concise and it is impossible to imagine the international scene without it. Vichy is the Spanish San Pellegrino, even if the comparison lags due to the lack of awareness in Germany.


VICHY CATALAN is innovation.

VICHY CATALAN is a leading brand in the European mineral water market.

discovered the healthy properties of the waters flowing from the source of VICHY CATALAN , VICHY CATALAN

Year after year positioned year after year as one of the best carbonated mineral waters in the world.

VICHY CATALAN is named "Olympic Water" at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

A water that is rooted in the gastronomic culture, which brings out taste and personality in countless culinary recipes and has become indispensable at the tables of the best restaurants.

The article's packaging unit is a half-liter bottle.

500ml sparkling

TDS 2900 mg / l
ph factor 8th
hardness 61 mg / l
nitrate 1 mg / l
calcium 14 mg / l
magnesium 6 mg / l
sodium 1100 mg / l
potassium 44 mg / l
Silica 15 mg / l
bicarbonate 2081 mg / l
sulfate 46 mg / l
chloride 680 mg / l

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