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EVIAN | 2016 Alexander Wang

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EVIAN | Edition year Alexander Wang 2016

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For the ninth time, evian with a world-famous fashion designer to create a unique limited edition bottle. Alexander Wang's design was available in two versions, both of which bear the barcode that is characteristic of Wang's designs - one in black and one in white.

The natural purity of evian is @8N1Y7 by the puristic design and the space between the barcode strips.

ABOUT Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang was born and raised in San Francisco. He later moved to New York City, where he attended the Parsons School of Design. In 2005 he launched his first label. The first collection consisted of knitwear in six silhouettes that could be worn by both men and women. In spring 2007, Alexander Wang designed a complete ready-to-wear line for women, which he first presented on the catwalk in autumn 2007.

In 2008, Wang received a great honor: He received the Vogue / CFDA Fashion Fund. In 2009 he received great recognition from his colleagues when he was named Swarovski Womenswear Designer of the Year. In 2011 he was named the best designer of the year for men's fashion by GQ magazine. At the same time, CFDA recognized him as the best accessory designer in the same year.

Alexander Wang opened his first flagship store in SoHo, NYC in February 2011. This was followed by openings in Beijing and Tokyo. Today there are already more than 25 stores worldwide.

The essence of the brand by Alexander Wang is the sensitive reflection of contrasts that move seamlessly between sophistication and imperfection. His collections have an unaffected view of fashion and reflect a feeling of lightness. The designer is famous for his irreverent approach and his ongoing and contextual advancement of the urban uniform. In addition to the responsibility of his label of the same name, Alexander Wang has been Creative Director at Balenciaga since December 2012.

THE interviews

Interview with evian

Which qualities of Alexander Wang particularly impressed you and ultimately led to the cooperation?
The architectural precision and the minimalism of his collections have drawn our attention to him. We really wanted to work with him to see how he would visualize the natural purity of evian ®.

Is choosing a young American designer a collaborative asset?
Every year we try to work with designers who have established themselves in the high-end segment and with whom our consumers have a relationship. It is the worldwide reputation of Alexander Wang's values and his unique designs that fascinate us. His collections have a high recognition value and at the same time constitute the heart of our collaboration.

Alexander Wang has his roots in NYC. Can that be seen in the design?
The designer's roots are actually visible through the contrast between black and white. This contrast represents the natural purity of evian ® in a New York way.

Interview with Alexander Wang

How did you feel about designing a bottle?
When it comes to fashion, I've always had quite pragmatic views. I focus on pieces that you wear every day and try to change them so that they become something special. The natural mineral water from evian ® is something that you drink every day. We used linear, strongly graphic elements and tried to make the already iconic evian ® bottle something unique through our designs.

What is your interpretation of the evian slogan “live young”?
Youth and feeling young is not something that has to do with age, but with the personal attitude - “live young” reflects this feeling. Recently someone asked me if there was a word that could describe me. Of course it is impossible to describe yourself in one word, but the word "energy" was the first thing I thought of. I am very drawn to the energy of youth. The disrespect, the intrinsic motivation to push boundaries. I always think about the next project, the next step and it's this freshness that inspires me and fills me with energy.

What's the idea behind the design?
We wanted to design clean, architectural lines that stand for purity and purism. At the same time, we wanted to work with the reflections and dynamics of natural mineral water.

The barcode logo is something that we have incorporated into our collections in different ways. We wanted to put it in a new context with this bottle. It plays with the idea of branding. A barcode is a simple tool for identification and we combined it with the Alexander Wang logo and strong graphic elements.

So it became a unique hybrid of barcode and logo; after all, the lines give the impression that the logo is running through them.

Why did you come up with two bottle designs? How are they related?
I like to work with opposites, also by combining them. My collections play with the duality between sophistication and imperfection. I interpret something that is very classic, for example, in a modern way. I put something masculine next to something feminine. I associate something prudish with something provocative. Contrasts lead to tensions that leave something new to develop or allow people to see things from a different perspective. We wanted to continue this interaction of contrasts, so we designed a black and a white version of the bottle.

Source: Danone Waters Deutschland GmbH |

750ml still 1 bottle black or white

TDS 357 mg / l
ph factor 7.2
hardness 291 mg / l
nitrate 3.8 mg / l
calcium 78 mg / l
magnesium 24 mg / l
sodium 5 mg / l
potassium 1 mg / l
Silica 14 mg / l
bicarbonate 357 mg / l
sulfate 10 mg / l
chloride 5 mg / l

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