EVIAN | Paul Smith in 2010

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EVIAN | Edition year Paul Smith 2010

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EVIAN | Edition Paul Smith 2010

Paul Smith, the English fashion czar, has been drinking evian since he was 12 years @1Q1J0 , so it was something very special for him to present his favorite @1Q1J0 in a new look.

Sir Paul Smith, long since he was knighted by the Queen, sees fashion with a wink. His designs are unmistakable due to his famous, colorful stripe pattern: cars, sports equipment, handbags, interior, fragrance bottles and now the EVIAN bottle. Its playful design underlines the lightness and purity of the famous French water. Both complement each other perfectly, as they stand for “live young”. For fashion icon Smith, youthfulness isn't just a matter of age, it's a matter of attitude. Playful, delicate stripes in whimsical bliss colors of green, orange, red and blue surround the neck of the bottle and give the evian Special Edition a certain @7S5M1 .

Take a strong brand that can look back on a long history, a brand that has surpassed the changing times without deviating much from its core values and design. How can you give it a new twist, improve its perception and present it from a different perspective? Add a human. Add a charismatic person who is not too far from the product. One that fits. Somebody like Paul Smith.

The style of a design icon and the youthful spirit of EVIAN have merged 2010 into a lively bottle for the most beautiful occasions. Paul Smith is known for his fun and upbeat attitude. Together with evian , he has launched a new limited edition bottle that represents energetic youth and style. Beautiful with bright colors that honor the designer's famous stripes; Paul Smith creatively captured the purity of the natural mineral water from the Alps in his own way.

Paul Smith states; “Youth is not just a question of age, but also a question of attitude. When I started the designs, I wanted to use beautiful, bright, and fun colors because life is about living young, being youthful and enjoying yourself daily. The design is the embodiment of EVIAN . “Elegant and colorful, the new limited edition by Paul Smith for evian Limited Edition offers the right note of chic and fun for every festive event. The limited edition by Paul Smith is sold out worldwide and is only available in limited quantities.

A beautiful glass bottle with colorful stripes on the top, printed with organic ink!

ABOUT evian

Pure elegance, purity and an inimitable taste are characteristic of evian . The natural, still mineral water comes from the Cachat spring in Évian-les-Bains, a spa in the French Alps. The spring is surrounded by a 70,000 hectare nature reserve and no external influences can falsify evian's purity. Filtered through the rocks of the French Alps for 15 years, the low-sodium evian offers a naturally pure taste @4K8S9 thanks to its balanced mineralization. It is the most popular mineral water in the world.

ABOUT the vision

As part of the UN Climate Change Conference 2015 in Paris, evian set @5F3Q6 the goal of @5F3Q6 CO2-neutral by 2017. An important milestone on this path was the conversion of the factory in EVIAN -les-Bains. As a result, the new plant is now making an important contribution to the brand's overarching goal.

The climate neutrality of the plant could be achieved through a variety of interlocking measures, such as the commissioning of a biogas plant. The plant now draws its own energy entirely from this newly built facility.

The area of the modernized plant amounts to a total of 130,000 square meters. This area includes ten new production lines and one of the largest private train stations in France.

The carbon trust certifies that the plant is CO2-neutral. Through consulting and controlling, the company helps other companies, governments and organizations to reduce their CO2 emissions and operate in a more resource-efficient manner.

Source: Danone Waters Deutschland GmbH | danone-waters.de

750ml still

TDS 357 mg / l
ph factor 7.2
hardness 291 mg / l
nitrate 3.8 mg / l
calcium 78 mg / l
magnesium 24 mg / l
sodium 5 mg / l
potassium 1 mg / l
Silica 14 mg / l
bicarbonate 357 mg / l
sulfate 10 mg / l
chloride 5 mg / l

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