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#cancelworldwaterday 24 hours live on World Water Day

FINE LIQUIDS' Pat Eckert broadcasts 24 hours non-stop on World Water Day

We invite you to discuss with us.
Tell us your reason why we should not abolish World Water Day in a world full of problems.

Let's hear her story in 2022. Let us share in your visions, your work and your successes, so that together we can look forward to a good future for ourselves and for future generations.

Convince us that it makes sense to celebrate World Water Day instead of abolishing it.

What do we offer?

Fine Liquids will stream 24 hours live on its twitch channel and thus organize a unique action worldwide.

We offer a total of 100 people and institutions the opportunity to come to our live stream to present their approach and to discuss it with us.

We give each participant 10 minutes to do this.

You can freely book your appointment according to UTC world time until March 1st.

Say we send from 0:00h UTC/01:00h German time.

Appointments can be booked every 15 minutes , i.e. always on the hour, as well as always :15h, :30h and :45h

The event is hosted by FINE LIQUIDS.

There are no sponsors, the event is completely free of advertising.

The conversations are primarily conducted in German and English.

In the coming year 2023 this special day will be 30 years old.

Let's create a dignified outlook together to duly meet this great anniversary.

You design the content of your broadcasting time yourself.

Our opening question is:

"For what reason should we stick to World Water Day? Why shouldn't we abolish it?"

We will react dynamically to your content and ask for a live broadcast. After 10 minutes we will end our conversation if the next corridor is booked.

The program will then be published on the well-known social media platforms in part and also in its entirety uncut.

We would be pleased if you would tell us when you would join us and enrich our live stream with your content:

Please register by email to:

Pat Eckert and, at times, our man in the UK, Mr. Milin Patel, will accompany you through the 24 live stream.
Incidentally, we received the first VIP confirmation from none other than Micha Fritz, the founder of Viva con Aggua. We are happy.

Convince us that we can #cancelworldwaterday just get their resounding no and nothing else.

Help us and the campaign to focus our full attention on the most important asset of our planet: water .


Greetings, Pat Eckert and the Fine Liquids team

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