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Aquapax internationales Wassertasting

Aquapax international water tasting

When we decided to do a live show with Aquapax, I didn't know anything except the name.

When I went to work this morning to develop the advertising for this event, I received the package with the water on the table on time and was totally amazed by the retro-chic design and especially its graphic content. Check out the label, I'm hooked and totally inspired.

I feel like most and my thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and all I want is to help. And that's what I'm doing now.

Our show with Aquapax is of course under the star of helping the people in Ukraine.

We invite you to test and taste the Aquapax water with us on Friday. As usual, we meet for our monthly live stream on with our international team of certified water sommeliers:

Ruriko Suzuki, Japan's leading water somelier

Justin Takashi Glascock from Los Angeles

Milin Patel, Water Advisor and UK & Europe's Leading Water Sommelier

Maik Spiral Berger, Doemens-certified beer and water sommelier and her host Pat Eckert from Germany.

We will broadcast on Friday March 4th at:


CET 11PM Heidelberg (11pm)

UK 10PM London


TOKYO 7AM on Saturday 5th March

You can get the water here:

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