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Christmas Special with CRAG Spring Water

Christmas Special with CRAG Spring Water

Doran Binder, a man who bought a pub when he was at rock bottom, discovered he was sitting on a "vein of gold".

Doran Binder bought the Crag Inn in Wildboarclough, near Macclesfield, UK in 2016 at a difficult time in his life when he was getting divorced.

"We lived 900 meters away on a farm and we got divorced," the father of five told Fine-Liquids' Milin Patel.

"I thought if I bought the pub I could be close to the kids. I knew the pub was failing but figured I'd just buy it and see what happens."

Shortly after acquiring the pub he had to have the water tested as part of an inspection and feared it might all go haywire in the end - but that couldn't be further from the truth.

The 49-year-old quickly learned that the aquifer 27 meters below the pub was filled with the purest water in the world.

The international fine liquids community welcomes Doran to share his story, journey and taste experience of CRAG Water. We look forward to broadcasting live this Saturday morning on

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