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We are ultimate MIB #32

We are ultimate MIB #32

The Eskimos know over 100 types of snow. We know over 100 types of water.


Well it was a world record and it was the first of its kind.

Today we had the most water sommeliers in a single international live stream on the internet (CRAG Christmas Special), including the world's leading water sommelier, 7 in number, or shall I say 7 in one fell swoop?

In the entire show today there were incredible 7 water sommeliers plus two half.

As the host and head of the FINE LIQUIDS community, Pat Eckert is one of the two halves, because like Doran Binder he doesn't have a certificate, but he has no less passion for the topic.

Nevertheless, it can be said that the Fine Liquids community has achieved and created amazing things in the Corona year 2021.

The December issue breaks all superlatives, even for the core of the community.

But when it became clear to me, I wanted to know and looked up what we really did and that's quite remarkable.

I summarize:

1. We currently have the only (dynamic) WATER MENU Europe which is available in print and digitally.

2. We have them FINE LIQUIDS community launched and thus next to the FINE WATER Society founded the first community that brings water topics closer to its audience in an entertaining monthly format. This community consists of permanent and loose members, mostly certified water sommeliers and recognized water experts.

3. We have the FINE LIQUIDS International Score developed and evaluated the first 8 waters this year.
This makes them the first in the world to rate peak waters using a standardized system in an international score.

4. We have publicly on our page and social media whole 29 different waters tasted .

5. The Fine Liquids community has a whole 2021 Hit 9 times to discuss one water each in an international live stream.

6. Total are in our media work this year 8 water sommeliers from all over the world been represented.

7. We have 7 interviews and were guests in another 4 formats.

8. We have 2 youtube series came into being, in addition to the FINE LIQUIDS Community now also the purely German format WATER HOP MALT with the Doemens certified beer and water sommelier Maik Spiral Berger.

9. And finally we were 2 times on TV - well in Germany only a few seconds and without sound, but in Great Britain with Milin Patel on Channel 4 with a whole tasting but much more present.


Ne stop, let's look at the general facts:

1. We are established in 1987 the first German fine water retailer been.

2. We stayed from 2020 the first official distributor of the Fine Water Society .

3. We are the sole distributor of the Combine premium mineral water and water technology .

4. With current 46 brands out of 25 countries we are also the absolute number one among global distributors. No one else in the world represents as many brands and countries as FINE LIQUIDS.

5. We ship as a premium water distributor to most countries of the world.

6. We have them most comprehensive and individual item descriptions and the most extensive translation in the field of Fine Water.

7. We are the only distributor with 5 international water sommeliers and technologists in the team.

8. With Chateldon and ROI we lead the first precious waters in the world .

9. We have with LA SASSE the water from the highest spring in Europe .

10. We have with Aquagen the water from the deepest spring in the world .

11. We have with Wossa the lightest water in continental Europe .

12. We have with Baikal the deepest water in Russia .

13. We have with GOTA the water from the largest known aquifier of the world.

14. We sell with ROI the most mineral-rich water in the world .

15. We have with Nevaswater the world's first spring water cuvee in portfolio.

16. We sell with fiji, Three Bays and Antipodes the waters with the greatest distance at all.

17. We have with LOFOTEN the water with the world's most awards .

18. We have with FILLICO the most expensive water in the world in the program and with a retail price of 999.00€ too the most expensive bottle of water sold worldwide in 2021.

19. 2 brands through our advice (several) international awards receive.

20. Only with us you can Pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

21. With Fine Liquids UK we are the first cross-border fine water distributor .


We are proud, and equally humbled, and thank our customers who have understood that sustainability, responsibility and passion can sometimes easily blend together, and are and mean more than we commonly assume...

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