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2/4/2022 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m

Registration deadline 01/21/2022

Virtual water tasting by FINE LIQUIDS

With Pat Eckert and Maik Spiral Berger

The WASSER HOPFEN MALZ team accompanies you on the journey of the water.

Pat Eckert has put together an exclusive European box for the first German water tasting.

Experience an exciting water journey:

  • Icelandic - Iceland
  • radius99 - Germany
  • ISKLD - Denmark
  • Perlage - Poland
  • Badoit - France
  • Vichy Catalan - Spain

You will receive a bottle in advance. Store these at room temperature. If possible, provide white wine glasses. The purchase of the tasting entitles you to take part in the tasting with up to 4 people. The tasting takes place in German.

Pat Eckert is the owner and maker of FINE LIQUIDS. As a distributor of top international waters, he is a master of his trade and an expert on the subject. Maik Spiral Berger is Doemens certified beer and water sommelier and a true enthusiast. Like hardly anyone else, he is able to find words for the element of water that one could hardly imagine.

You will receive details such as the technical sub-warehouses by e-mail.

ATTENTION: Limited number of participants.

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